About Me

Hello there...

Alright, here goes... all you need to know about me is that I love reading books. And here's a little back-story when I was  5 years of age during school breaks, my mom used to force me to read simple interesting fantasy/fairy-tale books which I always hated because all I wanted to do is to play. Oh yes, I do have a history of hating books especially when I know I can't pronounce the word correctly or even having problems understanding what each word means. (Note: English, back then, was only our secondary spoken language.)

Keep in mind, during my younger days, I was really arrogant to be corrected (even when I was struggling!). Sometimes, it just reaches to a point where I wanted to do this to my mom:

Imagine, at 5 years of age and having that sort of mindset, I was too naive and ignorant to be an arrogant spoiled-brat! All she wanted to do was just to create a new hobby in my life. Eventually, I do think I needed that punch instead when I knew what my mom's true intention was.

Here's the cool part,
When both my mom and I finished reading the book (oh yes, my story hasn't ended yet and I was still referring about the same book mentioned earlier), I felt that there is a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and there is a longing to know more and to read on. Tender age sparks my curiosity by asking "Why does it has to end that way?" All my mom ever said to me was "Keep on reading, and you might find the answers one day." -- Oh yes, I'm still searching. Hahaha!!!

I'm open to all types of genres and care enough to explore the wonders of writing. Hence, it is very likely to know how different authors have different ways of imparting their stories through their writing. Also, in order to know your favourite authors well enough, is actually by reading their books, which kind of gives a hint of what their characters or personality truly are! -- I know I'm not even making any sense! Haha!!


I will be reading books and reviewing them with an open mind to know how these books impacted my life one way or another. Hence, I won't be updating this section so often. Subsequently, if you want to know me better, please do comment on my reviews so that it gives me the opportunity to know you more!

Thank you for giving me 3 minutes of your time just to know me a little bit better. May God Bless you and Happy Reading!!! Let's *shimmy*!!!



  1. You're mom is awesome. Read on!

    1. Thank you! I will convey that message to her because I think she deserves that compliment.