Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maus, II: And Here My Troubles Began by Art Spiegelman

I have never read a graphic novel so heartbreaking in my life! Art Spiegelman did it! The idea of describing the infamous concentration camp in Auschwitz is very well painted in this book. Journey after journey, I have every intention of not continuing this one because it was way too hard, too painful!

As a reader, I am already feeling a time lapse, there is this time drag when you can very well feel how every prisoners are going through those sufferings of being treated less than human. Human dignity has been stripped away in just a mere 150 pages, what is there for us to complain when these prisoners are being thrown into such misery for months and years. What right do I have to complain?

We are being told in a flashback stories of how Art is transcribing his sessions with his father. The below was the trouble of what Art was facing with information overload and arranging it by sequence and time period. How is he able to visualize what his father is telling him? It's still a mystery that this wonderful graphic novel has been produced.

"There's so much I'll never be able to understand or visualize."

Camps after camps, survivor hood after survivor hood...Violence are not spared, killing spree were ruthless. Death and more deaths. Such memories are never good to be reminded by. I don't blame them of their stubborn nature behavior. This is to compare with what a normal human can only soaked in in this lifetime. Depression is bound to happen and we witness it in this work of art. I can never stop saying how tragic the life is during the Holocaust period. So much fear and sorrows. May God bless their very souls.

In the end, the reconciliation was just beautiful drawn and crafted. For such a tragic yet beautiful storytelling by Vladek Spiegelman (illustrated by Art Spiegelman), they both truly are my new found heroes!


Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Freaking out moments #20 - The Bands of Mourning Book Cover by Chris McGrath

Here's the beauty of the book cover as posted by Tor. I can't stop loving Chris McGrath's art, so good! The details are magnificent! There she goes, isn't she lovely (click it for a larger resolution):

It's about time!!! I was really thinking about this second book in the second trilogy of Mistborn, and then the sudden announcement of the book cover came out. And it came out! It just came out!!! I'm so excited,  and I just... I just can't... describe the feeling... (I wanna sing already!)

It's too much to take in. I can't wait to get those book on my hands. Can someone just catch me, I'm slipping off...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Rithmatist 01 - The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson

Wow, Brandon has done it again! This is one of Brandon's Young Adult fantasy genre and it is still delivers! I've started reading this book just by knowing that Rithmatist are people with power to bring life into chalk drawings. I know nothing on plot wise, and it still it didn't fail to make me want to know who the ultimate villain is.

Just before I continue with the rest of my review, here's one quote that makes me really puzzled.

His mother's hand froze, chopsticks in her spaghetti, motionless.


This is weird?! Is this not weird? Tell me it's weird.

Honestly, this is like the weirdest way of eating spaghetti. I did not disagree but I just find it weird that's all. Now, don't get me started with folks using fork to eat rice. I'm an Asian and I can't stand seeing people using fork picking up their rice! Use the spoon, goon! Pet peeves 101!

Back to the book! We are being introduced with Joel and Melody. They both play a wonderful partner in this and it was fun with Joel's longing to be a Rithmatist and Melody's weird sense of humour and character.

Sudden attack! Mysteries on different types of lines were being identified. Suspicious new people lurking around the campus. What can be more exciting when magic is in place? None other than Brandon who creates such an atmosphere within the United of Isles (aka United States of America that breaks into the form of island).

It got me irritated that this book is not a standalone! I need the 2nd one now! Many characters has been well-developed and he just can't leave us hanging like this! It's not fair!

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

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