Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Book Haul #04

I don't know what's got into me! The month of September seems like a busy one but NOT reading busy, it's shopping busy. I've been refraining myself from buying a lot of books because I've not been finishing my pile of books from 2014! Bad JBB!!! Bad bad bad!!! Well, without further ado, here's what caught my attention...

See it? Come on, tell me that you guys feel me. I'm agonizing the price with great temptation from buying them! 2 million books and it's ENGLISH books. Moreover, the price of Ringgit has been so weak, it's the best time to get hold of it! My 2015 pile! TA DA!!! I'm a good boy aren't I??? It is just RM5!!!

1) Abby Bardi - The Book Of Fred
2) Uwem Akpan - Say You're One Of Them
3) Greg Iles - The Quiet Game
4) Tracy Chevalier - The Last Runaway
5) Nadeem Aslam - The Wasted Vigil

Monday, September 28, 2015

Freaking out moments #23 - J.D. Netto (@jd_netto)

Lately, I got obsessed over Instagram. Yes, the social media of photos that I'm able to get connected not only with friends but authors too! *cough* In Denial *cough*

So here I am, browsing through my daily feed and I saw this post by J.D. Netto!

Well, of course I can't resist from getting myself into a Giveaway contest! So, I regram-med the whole picture by following the instruction as given in the picture. And this happens...

Fingers cross... 

Is this not a freaking out moment or what!!! I know I'm weird in my own way when it comes to authors. I am totally different when it comes to fan-gurling towards someone. Authors of course!!! For crying out loud, come on, they worked really hard too you know... they worked hard for readers like us to enjoy what they are able to produce.

Check him out! He's the author of "The Whispers of the Fallens" series. Follow him!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

INK Series 01 - INK by Glenn Benest & Dale Pitman


**I was given this book with an honest review.**

I have to admit, this is my very first review for a book directly from the author himself. Usually, I can never make time for this especially with my long list of to-be-read books and of course my slow reading habit. Honestly, I really wanted to pick this one up and try it. So, here goes... INK by Glenn Benest and Dale Pitman.


You'll know it when books are able you make you submerge yourself in their world with just a split second. I would never have captured myself if it weren't for the good story plot, moreover the writing in this book is exceptionally easy to grab hold of your attention through out! 


There are reasons why I'm able to relate with all the characters in this book, it is because they have invested in good character development! Even when you're able to gauge that some characters are secondary in nature, you still have a soft spot for them. This is like watching a TV series, where you think they are not important, and BAM!, you know them well enough to even want them gone. That's how good this book has to offer.

Story plot was fantastic! The repercussion of being a famous graphic novel artist was very well explored with great depths. Subsequently, both the authors depicts that there-will-always-a-price-to-pay-for-fame incredibly well that you can even feel it in your bones. I will never understand what fame is until how this book explains it in specific detail on how traumatizing it can be in which I would definitely stay away from. 

The suspense was really good that it gets my adrenaline pumping! As horrific as this might sound, the more characters being introduced the greater the suspense. Lastly, I would assume that the pacing of the book would be to everyone's liking and reading enjoyment. Trust me, it does not bore at all.

Some might ask, "Would you continue on with the series?" -- My answer: "Of course I would!"


And there's one thing I might add, the author did not tell me that there will be A SEQUEL!!! Oh come on!!! How could he?
Seriously guys, give this a try. It's like a breath of fresh air.

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Review Link

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Freaking out moments #22 - Carol Rifka Brunt (@Carolrifka)

It is a normal day with my same old routine, minding my own business, browsing through my emails and I saw this!!! 

I didn't expect the author Carol Rifka Brunt to follow me via Twitter!!! I wasn't expecting anything apart from reading her wonderful book entitled "Tell The Wolves I'm Home". It was such a good read and I am still in shock with no words that Ms Brunt followed me. Thanks for the follow Ms Brunt! Your writing is brilliant with great social emphasis!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Series of Unfortunate Events 10 -The Slippery Slope by Lemony Snicket

Many mysteries were being built up from Book 1 to Book 9, and now 'The Slipper Slope' has unfold many of the mysteries by giving out bits and pieces of evidence and hints of what V.F.D really means to many from the characters in this book. 

The mystery of Jacques Snicket is has come to point of weirdness because his name itself does relates to the author Lemony Snicket. I'm wondering whether has the author had anything to do with the whole mystery behind the fire. Does he knows the Baudelaire's parents personally? Does he knows Count Olaf personally? Is Lemony Snicket part of the V.F.D. ? Let the mystery begin!

On a side note, Sunny is still my favourite!!!

Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Review Link

Sunday, September 6, 2015

BookTuber Buddy Read - Shoutout by @WhatKamilReads

Another shoutout from a fellow Booktuber! His name is Kamil from +WhatKamilReads. (YouTube Link: WhatKamilReads) I've been meaning to post this on my blog for the longest time but I haven't got the time to do it. So here goes, I've been surfing for BookTuber that loves reading books that are out of the world unique.

Well, I've bumped into Kamil not too long ago and I really like his content. He reads good literary fiction some of them are Award Winners and some are nominated. He reads diverse books and has a special way of reviewing them which made it so much more different from the YA booktuber bunch. Mind you, I have nothing against them but this is something a little more mature, something I was really looking for some serious discussion on history, region and some day-to-day issues. And guess what, I've made a friend! 

I've made a couple of good friends via the Booktubing community and I hope to post more of these blog when I got the chance of buddy reading with them. I am seriously hooked by their intellect! I must say, I love the idea of buddy reading. It makes it even more fun and interesting from people across the world! This is what the Internet is for!

Here's the video of Kamil shouting out my view on Tan Twan Eng's book titled The Garden of Evening Mists. Enjoy!