Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Martian by Andy Weir

Oh My Lord, what a ride. What a fantastic ride as Andy has brought us into Mark Watney's lonely journey and journal in which it started out with him being stranded in Mars. Yes, the planet Mars. This book is really a work of good science fiction. Never have I read something so engaging this year.

There were so much humor that I can't control myself from laughing out loud. Even while I was doing my number 2 in the toilet, people from next stall might think me crazy in there. 

There were instances where there was a bit of a drag, but how can one not be, it's a long stranded lonely life out there.. Andy has already tried his best to make it sound as interesting as possible for his readers. This book does have the entertaining factor that keeps  you going. I truly love this book.

Of course, there were many NASA terms which made me do a little bit of a research which makes it even more interesting. I have never thought of so many short abbreviation used in this book that made me pick it up, where it has been around for donkey years without my slightest knowledge at all. As interesting as this might sound, the way it was presented wasn't dry, it's more like, you-will-get-the-idea eventually.

Writing was really good. I made myself read it because I wanted to before I watch the movie. Since it's a book adaptation, it's even more reason for me to read the book beforehand. My only regret is, WHY DIDN'T I READ THIS SOONER?

The intensity heightens up towards the end, and you're like rushing through to the end of the book in wanting to know what is the end result. It was so fast pace with emotional factor running through your body and mind at the same time. Fantastic read. Beautifully written and a well deserve award winning book! 

Some of my favourite quotes:

"I've been so busy staying alive " -- Mark Watney

When I first read this, it struck me bad. We might have taken Oxygen for granted but this sentence is a big slap to the whole world that we have taken our earth for granted.

Mark: I took it apart, found the problem, and fixed it.
NASA: "Dick."

This was when NASA advises Mark avoid by taking apart of the machine, in case it might blow up or cut him off with his oxygen supply. I've laughed so hard.

But I settled on "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees -- Mark Watney

He was stuck with all the 70s TV shows and songs, this was a great pun!

JOHANSSEN: When we pick you up, I will make wild, passionate love to you. Prepare your body
JOHANSSEN: I didn't type that! That was Martinez! I stepped away from the console for like 10 seconds! 
MARK: I've really missed you guys

This is the turning point by making me emotional. Towards the end, it was even more so.

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

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