Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Mistborn Series 05 - Shadows Of Self by Brandon Sanderson

And... we're back into the world of Wax and Wayne. I'm just gonna dive into this without delay. So many characters building was laid out with care in this book. Took me quite awhile to finish this but then again this is what Brandon does best, a generous well-thought character and world building in an Epic Fantasy genre per se.

I was skeptical that the second installment of the Mistborn series would be as good as the first. Boy, I was wrong. Some of the honorable characters from the first trilogy came back as a living proof to the current skeptical minds of these generation of Steam Punked-ness Allomancy, Feruchemy and Hermalurgist! Some of these great characters during the time of the Final Empire pops up with great shocking moments.

What's even worse was how much Wax has to unveil the ugliest truth in this series, and it is so strong of him for not being able to crack (emotionally) when he is dealing something so supernatural that he might not be able to comprehend the magnitude of the real truth of what this "God" has in planned for them in this particular world.

Honestly, I'm restricted in so many ways to review this book because I'm trying so hard not to spoil anything from the original series and this one as well. So much has happened, and so much to love. And I can't wait for the upcoming release, "The Bands Of Mourning".

Ratings: 4 out of 5 Stars

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