Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Mistborn Series 06 - The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson


So, it's the continuation of the Wax and Wayne story from where we left off in "The Shadow of Self". There was a closure in that book and that would make readers like me by anticipating this book even more. Cut the crap and let's go into the good stuff.

Let me get it off my chest, I am in love with Steris in this book so much more than the first 2 books. Her character development has improved vastly and she makes the whole series even more interesting than I thought. The chemistry between Steris and Wax are to die for through out the book. The adventures here did not fail readers as there were more magic systems are being used and taken advantage of here.

Plot was a mystery at the beginning til the middle part of it. Remember, this is the second last book before the Finale of the Wax and Wayne trilogy. Many new things pop up right in front of my eyes that made me gawked. I wasn't expecting something to be so advanced when things happens.

Moreover, the new race, new mystery and new crap just happened in this book that make me puzzled whether I'm reading the same book as before. Many things where left hanging from the original trilogy. Many has not been said and told in the days of the Final Empire. What is it that causes the Bands of Mourning stood out is the advantage of knowing that there were new race, new languages and new technology.

You said that this was a steampunk-like book, I guess we will be heading something so ahead of our time and would made it into a real Sci-Fi Epic/High Fantasy genre that readers are going to get their mind so fucked up blown. Excuse my language, but I wouldn't know how to express any better than that anymore.

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

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