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Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Booksplosion Read-Along for the month - May - #4

One might ask:

"Why are you reading a Chick-Lit? why? Why? WHY?"
"I have no idea... I'm just giving this a go with an open-mind. And I heard it's Contemporary, not just a Chick-Lit...genre...kinda book". I can honestly say that I was in a state of denial because I do know that it is a Contemporary Romance cum Women's fiction when I was answering it. At least it's worth a shot! ~~Yes, please, very much so, thanks for asking, thank you please very much please...~~ **Quoting Miranda from BBC**

It was so much fun reading back and forth 3 characters on alternate chapters. Usually Jennifer and Beth for a chapter, the next is always revolving Lincoln's. (At least, there's a dude in it. Thank God. If not, this wouldn't be a Romance material. Right?)

So, here I am reading the book with no clue at all about the plot and it started out with an email conversation between 2 colleagues. I guess I'll keep on reading until it gets to you...

Still, I was puzzled and was subtly drawn into their everyday working life on how one is bored with the job, never happy with company's policy, a past that no one wants to talk about. You can very well connect with these characters instantly. Writing style isn't at all intimidating, I must say. Am really enjoying how the flow goes. There are 3 main characters here in the book:

1) Jennifer
2) Beth
3) Lincoln

I like how this book centered around Lincoln's point-of-view a lot. Which is really somewhat different from most of the romance story. I know the subtlety plot between Jennifer and Beth through their email conversations, however I can't help myself by knowing that Lincoln here has taken the lead role.

And since I knew it has romance element in it, I was actually scouting for scenes such as this:

But NO, it didn't happen at all. And what I really like about the book is that it isn't cheesy at all, the jokes are really spot on!!! And every move before an individual has made, was very well thought off without causing me to cringe AT ALL. 

There were moments where you can literally laughed off when one of the character feels this in a joking way:-

But when it comes to reality, they couldn't help themselves from pretending to be normal when they were faced with it.

I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when you realized that Lincoln job has to read through their flagged emails (due to company's policy), I thought when the truth is out both Jennifer and Beth would go

And still, it doesn't go that way... There were moments of gossips where McG appears, Pina Coladas too... The punch line was so SPOT ON!!!

And the journey of wittiness was so much fun...

You need to read how it ends... I'm not going to spoil it for you. At some point, I kinda find it a little bit of a rush, maybe it's due to the development of  the characters, content and plots. However, you will definitely like how well the ending was written because it's really worth it. Thank you Ms.Rowell!

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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