Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Booksplosion Read-Along for the month - April - #3

To be honest, I wouldn't have pick this one up if it wasn't for BOOOKSPLOSION of the month. However, their selection kinda proves me wrong because in many ways, I wasn't interested with chick-flick. [That was my first impression] (And don't get me wrong, BECAUSE at times, I just can't get into the mood or the flow ALL THE TIME!)

From the very start, this book kinda really reminds me of movies like "Can't Hardly Wait (1998)" or "She's All That (1999)" but when superpowers came into picture I was like Whaaaaaaaat~~~... And to TOP IT OFF, it started with a "kiss". Whaaaaaaaat~~~... And out of nowhere, action kicks-in like how Jackie Chan just storm into the picture and goes HOO!!! HAA!!! (I would have thought...) Whaaaaaaaat~~~...

This book was a fast one. Background of why superpowers was transferred and who were they in the past was all very well-written and described. Mini-fantasy was noticeable on how training was in place, entourage was formed, the mechanism of how to defend or attack was discussed. (That caught my interest... If you know what I mean). I wasn't able to gage how the plot was gonna happen which is a good thing. And I wasn't expecting that sort of twist towards the end! Wow!!!

It was a feel good read with great deal of humour. It's really funny! Punch line was SPOT ON. Word of advice, please read it with lighthearted enjoyment without passing any judgement because if you do, I will foresee many criticism from you if you take it too seriously. Enjoy!

**hint** Cliffhanger alert!!! **hint**

Note: I can't wait for BOOK 2!!!

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars 

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