Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Mistborn Series 02 - The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

In all due respect, I think I should be doing a review on how I feel about the book instead of thoroughly reviewing it without giving away any spoilers. Initially, I was left dumbstruck on how Brandon ended with "The Final Empire" but noooo... 2nd book has brought me to a whole new level of shocked!!!

Like that:

It came off 2 years after the event that took place in the first book. It's the continuation of the exact post-excitement that the author has left me with great anticipation on what's going to happen next. Subconsciously, I'm also expecting what sick epic plot that is gonna caught me off guard while I'm being brought back into the world of Luthadel.

Don't get me wrong, stories about Vin and Elend is what keeps me going but you can't just go on with just only the 2 of them in an epic fantasy saga... Moreover, this book gives me the feel that I'm in love all over again when all these favorable characters are popping up on a gradual basis. (Yes... there is a fellowship gathering which made me sqwueeeek like a girl.)

The antagonist were being introduced, and what were their intentions weren't mentioned (until... you know). So, assumptions are being made by our favourite guys and actions are gonna take place soon. See, what I liked about Sanderson's plot is that, he always makes you think that these guys made the perfect assumptions on saving the day/world/people. However, that's not how Brandon get his way with his readers. (Frustrated as always but also pleasurable in some epic ways)

Finally, I just can't comprehend how this books ends. There were many prophecies, foretold stories & legacies, many misconceptions about the past (especially Kwaan, Alendi & Rashek). It is always perfection on how the author ends his book by causing his readers to go "WHAT!!???" and yearns to continue with another level of expectations and anticipations.

Just read it guys, I'm telling you in all honesty, this is just too good. Suck it up on how intimidating and giant-Ly these books are and think about what this series has to give. It is just so good!!!

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

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