Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blankets by Craig Thompson (Graphic Novel)

This is really a brilliant and beautiful rendition of an autobiographical childhood and a struggling teenage story in a form of graphic novel. It is so warm and heartbreaking at the same time. How 2 brothers can be so close with similar interest yet there were drifted apart while growing up... How one person's selfish agenda changes a lifetime perspective... How family values are always deeply-rooted without choosing to go astray...

What was portrayed in Craig's life as being born and bred in a strict Christian family environment truly outshines how discipline they were when it comes to a simple nature of a decision making between "RIGHT" and "WRONG". Many would just follow the mass when they were being laughed at, but not Craig. Values are deeply planted even though towards the end he chooses not to be a Christian anymore but never once he will forgo the teachings of Jesus Christ.

I love how he tells about his moments between him and his brother during their younger days. It really reminds me and my brother so much back in the early days. That story itself put a bright smile on my face while knowing the fact that both brothers were reconciled due to their awkward growing phase of drifting apart. Small gestures plays a big part in everyone's life and it shows it so well in this book.

Lastly, I would really treasure this Novel as it serve a warmth reminder that what we all had between our siblings in our younger days are never to be taken away but treasure it with wonderful memories because when you rekindle with them about it... I guarantee you that it will lights up the room like a bursting flame of joy.

My favorite part is how Craig illustrated John 3:16 into this:

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Series 01 - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I have to agree with many that told me this book is great but they forgot to tell me that the plot was fantastic! Holy schmucks! I mean, by looking at the cover, one might think that this book is a horror genre. It's NOT a horror genre at all, it's mystical, it's magical, it's weird (in a good way), it's... I don't know how... It's PECULIAR!!!

Mr Riggs just open doors for something so extraordinary with great placements of the plot. Characters are very well introduced. Pictures were authentic and the book was filled with great humour elements. It is really funny when times that are just not meant to be! It's definitely spot on... 

There were moments where you are pumping an adrenaline during a chase, Ransom would just throw in some jokes by catching you off-guard. It's really really good.

There's one thing that's bothering me a little bit was how each chapter stretched on for so long. I know that it's a continuous flow but however, a breather would be nicer when it comes to reading books like this. Since it's going to be a pumped up storyline with chasing and all, I would prefer each chapter to give me some breathing space. 

Writing style is really really good and its not boring. Also, I'm learning new words while I'm reading this book. Seriously, there were new vocabularies used and this I will call reading a book with learning elements in it. I'm impressed!!!

Hollow City is next!!! And I just realized that this book is gonna have a movie adaptation to it. How cool is that? If the movie has done right, this is gonna be a new movie cult for a different sets of viewership. It's gonna be fun!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Freaking out moments #2 - Rainbow Rowell

Ms. Rainbow Rowell just favorite-d my tweet!!! This is her Goodreads page too. I was like 20% of Attachments and posted a tweet for the booksplosion of the month and she did this!!! Wow!!! Fan-boying now... 

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Alright guys, after reading and posted my review, Ms Rowell favorite-d my tweet the 2nd time!!!


Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Booksplosion Read-Along for the month - May - #4

One might ask:

"Why are you reading a Chick-Lit? why? Why? WHY?"
"I have no idea... I'm just giving this a go with an open-mind. And I heard it's Contemporary, not just a Chick-Lit...genre...kinda book". I can honestly say that I was in a state of denial because I do know that it is a Contemporary Romance cum Women's fiction when I was answering it. At least it's worth a shot! ~~Yes, please, very much so, thanks for asking, thank you please very much please...~~ **Quoting Miranda from BBC**

It was so much fun reading back and forth 3 characters on alternate chapters. Usually Jennifer and Beth for a chapter, the next is always revolving Lincoln's. (At least, there's a dude in it. Thank God. If not, this wouldn't be a Romance material. Right?)

So, here I am reading the book with no clue at all about the plot and it started out with an email conversation between 2 colleagues. I guess I'll keep on reading until it gets to you...

Still, I was puzzled and was subtly drawn into their everyday working life on how one is bored with the job, never happy with company's policy, a past that no one wants to talk about. You can very well connect with these characters instantly. Writing style isn't at all intimidating, I must say. Am really enjoying how the flow goes. There are 3 main characters here in the book:

1) Jennifer
2) Beth
3) Lincoln

I like how this book centered around Lincoln's point-of-view a lot. Which is really somewhat different from most of the romance story. I know the subtlety plot between Jennifer and Beth through their email conversations, however I can't help myself by knowing that Lincoln here has taken the lead role.

And since I knew it has romance element in it, I was actually scouting for scenes such as this:

But NO, it didn't happen at all. And what I really like about the book is that it isn't cheesy at all, the jokes are really spot on!!! And every move before an individual has made, was very well thought off without causing me to cringe AT ALL. 

There were moments where you can literally laughed off when one of the character feels this in a joking way:-

But when it comes to reality, they couldn't help themselves from pretending to be normal when they were faced with it.

I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when you realized that Lincoln job has to read through their flagged emails (due to company's policy), I thought when the truth is out both Jennifer and Beth would go

And still, it doesn't go that way... There were moments of gossips where McG appears, Pina Coladas too... The punch line was so SPOT ON!!!

And the journey of wittiness was so much fun...

You need to read how it ends... I'm not going to spoil it for you. At some point, I kinda find it a little bit of a rush, maybe it's due to the development of  the characters, content and plots. However, you will definitely like how well the ending was written because it's really worth it. Thank you Ms.Rowell!

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Freaking out moments #1 - Victoria Schwab

Ms. Victoria Schwab just favorite-d my tweet!!! This is her Goodreads page too. Freaking out... back in March 19th, 2014.

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

How should I even begin to write this down? This book is super hilarious! The illustration of her thoughts, actions, metaphor... and wait, her dogs too!!! There are so many areas in my life that was being written down or drawn into this book. There are many instances where thoughts were very well illustrated with the exact mind-blogging mindset.

Coming from a household with at least 1 family member with depression, I can very well relate to what they are going through. And with Ms Allie's way from bringing out with her comics, it's really enriching and in some way, it seems funny too. Not the illness itself, but the times when you have to go through with them. 

Finally,  self-awareness of your own sick truth. I think everyone could very well relate to this. It's really good how one would struggle with so many self-contradictory-mind-blowing-sick-arguments-in-oneself. It's so good that you can just put the book down and by laughing it off and say "Hey, I've been through that!"

Really good. Well balance topics.

And stories about cakes too... It's really really funny!

Note: Even I do not have dogs at home, those stories that she wrote about Simple and Helpful... HAHAHA!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dorothy Must Die Series 0.5 - No Place Like Oz by Danielle Paige

Well, well, a prequel book before hitting off with the "Dorothy Must Die" series. It was not bad at all. It's still quite a fun journey back into Oz too. It has been 2 years for Dorothy in the "real-world" -- Kansas after the event that happened with Oz and the Wicked Witch, however it's been like more than 2 decades in Oz.

We get to know how lovely both Aunty Em and Uncle Henry are towards Dorothy (and Toto too). Throwing her the ultimate 16th birthday and all. Mind you, they are just meeting ends meet. Nothing fancy but it literally lose Dorothy's face for whatever she wished for. Her peers thought she has come to a verge of insanity after the "Tornado Event" where stories of Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow were being rumored among her peers.

After the whole birthday embarrassment, there was a change of event where everyone (Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, Toto & of course Dorothy) was transported to Oz...

Now here's where the whole thing happens! Ozma rules Oz, Scarecrow was dethroned, Glinda was missing for a decade... and Dorothy is changing! I thought it was BRILLIANT!!! Everything just happens so fast, and they are still not back at Kansas. Now, this is where Dorothy Must Die series kick-start! Off we go now....

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Divergent Series 03 - Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Alright, Ms Veronica has made a point to articulate how well the Divergent series ended. Without a doubt many has written a Love-Hate relationship towards this series. It's either plagiarism towards "the Hunger Games" series or the ending really did suck. I, for one thing, enjoyed the last book thoroughly. I could not conclude whether I love it or hate it because to me, this series is firmly pronouncing your journey with them. 

Ever since we are being conveyed on how each individual factions behavior are like in the first book, you know that somehow these sort of world building is creating an illusion of luring you deep into their world. Knowing them, feeling for them, understanding them... Insurgent is practically telling you that all these people in this place meant businesses and relationships are developing, betrayals are prominent and power crazy mentality has already creep into the plot.

What you will be reading is the usual essence of our daily routine in schools, working relationship in the market place, world of business betrayal, crime violence...etc. It still exist til today and it is nothing new!!! We are eventually being sucked into the plot because we are able to relate to all these elements and characters that Ms Veronica has once acquaint us with from the beginning. Nothing new. Now, that's a smart move.

When comes to the third and final book, the plot has a sick twist which I was able to guessed it before I've started reading it. But still, at the back of my mind I would like to know how this series ends. I can't say I'm spoiling it too much but how Ms Veronica ends it is really feasible and relevant to the real world. I don't care how much you would like to treat this book as a YA genre or a Dystopian genre, the author knows how to end it with such human depths in relation to the real world. 

How one person has to go through such grieve with grace was very very well written. I enjoyed it as much as the next person would hate it. So, in my opinion, this is a worthy thumbs up to Ms Veronica.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Booksplosion Read-Along for the month - April - #3

To be honest, I wouldn't have pick this one up if it wasn't for BOOOKSPLOSION of the month. However, their selection kinda proves me wrong because in many ways, I wasn't interested with chick-flick. [That was my first impression] (And don't get me wrong, BECAUSE at times, I just can't get into the mood or the flow ALL THE TIME!)

From the very start, this book kinda really reminds me of movies like "Can't Hardly Wait (1998)" or "She's All That (1999)" but when superpowers came into picture I was like Whaaaaaaaat~~~... And to TOP IT OFF, it started with a "kiss". Whaaaaaaaat~~~... And out of nowhere, action kicks-in like how Jackie Chan just storm into the picture and goes HOO!!! HAA!!! (I would have thought...) Whaaaaaaaat~~~...

This book was a fast one. Background of why superpowers was transferred and who were they in the past was all very well-written and described. Mini-fantasy was noticeable on how training was in place, entourage was formed, the mechanism of how to defend or attack was discussed. (That caught my interest... If you know what I mean). I wasn't able to gage how the plot was gonna happen which is a good thing. And I wasn't expecting that sort of twist towards the end! Wow!!!

It was a feel good read with great deal of humour. It's really funny! Punch line was SPOT ON. Word of advice, please read it with lighthearted enjoyment without passing any judgement because if you do, I will foresee many criticism from you if you take it too seriously. Enjoy!

**hint** Cliffhanger alert!!! **hint**

Note: I can't wait for BOOK 2!!!

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars 

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