Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tell The Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

This book is just too beautiful. Set in the 80s where the idea of AIDS was still a paranoia to many. (due to the lack of awareness) We are being placed into June's world by bringing us back to  a 14 year old's mind. One might call it the year of social awkwardness whilst discovering adulthood and sexuality all at the same time.

This book narrates beautifully how each individual were struggling through their mourning period. It's crushes your soul so much to the point where sorrow and bitterness needed so much time and healing. Ugly truths were unfold on a gradual basis which breaks the readers heart so much however you would still want to know more.

This is how I really felt half-way through the book.

Communication is truly the ultimate core values between families, siblings, and friendship... etc. My questions to ourselves is going to be:
1) Were any of our choices needed a lot sacrifice? 
2) When the price is paid, is it really worth it for the rest of your life with no regrets?

Reconciliation with love, restoration with heartfelt warmth is the author's strongest point. I shed my manly tears after reading the ending of this book with so much joy and hope for Elbus. 

What a splendid read!

Favourite quotes from the book:

"Watching people is a good hobby, but you  have to be careful about it. You can't let people catch you staring at them. If people catch you, they treat you like a first-class criminal."
(I do have this hobby!)

"I was relieved that the party was canceled. It wasn't only the shy thing, the total social retardation."
(I'm a social retard... haha!)

"Somehow the thought of it being my mother's (anyone) fault seemed worse than taking it on myself."
(The guilt is breaking me apart!!!)

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

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