Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler

I really love this book. I do! This book speaks to me in so many ways. I am also brought up in a very strict Christian family background but never like this. This book makes me raged all the time. No offense to the author because he delivered what he really went through as a child and a teenager which I can very much relate to.

Well, you can really sense that Aaron is going to bring us into a roller coaster journey in his memoir and it's gonna be a wild ride! From the very beginning, while reading the "Author's Note", Aaron did warn us that there will be a lot of kissing.It really does! While I'm reading, you are journey-ing with Aaron on how this young boy has turned into a fine young man with much joy, laughter and pain.

He very much spells out how he struggles with God. Was it really with God? Or his parents? Or himself? I wonder how much of self-discovery he has managed to discover during the course of him staying with his family. If there is a chance of having a coffee session with Aaron, I certainly would! This book makes you want to know more about Aaron. And as I was reading I was literally pondering how did he manage to control his stature even though we know his strict Christian brought up was very pronounced.

I, too enjoyed the occasional hymns and Christmas lyrics while reading, because I tend to sing along. Many of us has taken our daily activities a major advantage and it may seem a norm to us, but not to Aaron. Hence, I can never blame him for being curious at all. Say all you want, he still obeys his father no matter how much he wanted to go against him badly. This is one value I will always give my respect to Aaron. What an amazing person.

There were times, I can't go on reading it through because I was literally heartbroken. It's really really difficult for me to go on with such emotion in you and it seems like I'm facing my own sin too! The agony of continuing with this story crushes my pride, crushes my ego, crushes my confidence because it's too DAMN HARD to get yourself that low! Now that is really humbling! And with all these emotions, this book is way toooo goood!!!

Genre wise, it was mentioned that it has LGBT in it and I would imply by saying that this is my first LGBT book. However, it was only written with just a hint of curiosity while one is growing up. Now, with this book being published, I would really want to know how well Aaron and his father is doing right now. In spite of all the trouble he's been through, Nanny  will always be very supportive of Aaron's choices and decisions. Was she there when this book came out? And I still want know more. Is that weird?

Lastly, my only wish is to see Aaron performing "Before a Bakery Showcase" if there was a recorded version of him performing that show on stage. Thank you Aaron for the amazing journey!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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