Monday, June 9, 2014

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Booksplosion Read-Along for the month - June - #5

It's so goooood! Oh my goodness!!! It's so traumatic and tragic at the same time while reading books like this. I'm so caught up by being shocked when the truth came out. You know something is coming but you would not expect it to end this way. I thought it's going to be on my fingertips about the ending, but I was so wrong.

A lot of mixed reviews on this book but I can't help myself by loving it even more. I can't comprehend the whole journey that one has to go through with events such as this. Has the author been through this? Has the author knows someone dear to her that suffered from this? The writing is so beautiful.

I, for one, have to face adversities at a very young age with my siblings. And I am very glad that we do not have that privilege to enjoy the luxuries in life as to compare with those upper income family that you've read in this book. We do not even have the opportunity to have siblings fighting or comparing who's most loved in the family for inheritance.

In as much I'm trying very hard not to sound like a rotten sour grape here, but I think we are able to witness such dramas over local television soap operas episodes for the rich and famous to maintain their status. What they really forget was the post effect for their down line, their 2nd generations -- their TRUE future inheritance.

Whilst the debates are going on on who's getting what, who's not worthy of getting what and who's getting none of it... they forgo the fact what all these emotional strained has causes these innocent young ones to endure such nonsense, to sucked-it-all-in their dramas, to be someone that they are not. JUST TO IMPRESS.

It's sad but it's true.

Read it! And all I can ask you to do is to submerge yourself into Cadence's shoe. Thank you Ms. Lockhart!

There is this one quote that literally crescendos my reading journey was:

"Some people have nothing. We have everything. The only person who used the family money for charity was Gran. Now she's gone and all anyone's worried about is her pearls and her ornaments and her real estate. Nobody is trying to use their money for good. Nobody is trying to make the world any better."

Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 stars

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