Thursday, June 12, 2014

At First Sight 01 - Tell Me It's Real by T.J. Klune

I am trying very hard not to emphasize that this is my first full fledged LGBT book and... I literally enjoyed it!!! It's so funny where you can literally ROFL and the love story between these 2 guys are so heart warming. I would really want to thank my friend that introduced me to this book. Such a light read and so much laughter.

Imagine this: I was on a train transit and so happens I was reading the office scene where Paul directly blurted out the most ridiculous profanity towards his boss when he was being introduced to someone... I literally burst into a loud laughter, and I was shaking so bad (from the controlled laughter) that I got myself attracting a lot of attention! 

When it comes to romance, I will always search for weird cheesy plots that makes you cringe in many ways possible. Moreover, this romance novel revolves around with 2 guys and the good thing is, no cheesy lines at all. The setting is so modern, conversations are really to-date where it counters many cheesy lines which they've tried using it with each other. Characters are so well developed for everyone. EVERYONE!

From a mundane day-to-day job, nosy parental care, and homophobic parrots!  Folks who watched the 1999 "She's All That" movie could very well relate to this new term called "Freddie Prince Jr you/me". You can never blame Paul for being skeptical over Vince's affection towards him. He is one special guy who's really facing major low-self esteem crisis about himself and there goes Vince the so-called hunk who falls head over heels for Paul. Given ant circumstances, this is a perfect world that Klune has created where most readers will fall into this trap by going "Awwwww...".

The voice inside Paul's head. It's so hilarious! And when he can't control himself, he blurted out what's really the voice that resides in his head. I'm really laughing out loud when you can sense his facial expression when he's talking.

Steamy kisses and hot sex scenes were described with full knowledge of what every men really wants. The author himself truly understands how to pleasure both his character's needs. Sexual needs.

Paul is weary about Vince actions towards him whether is he really genuine about all the flirting and falling-in-love fiasco. Come on, think about it... in our world, that's never gonna happen. Hence the term, "Freddie Prince Jr you/me" came about. Vince has insecurities and found the love of his life whom he thinks Paul is able gave him that security, with the exception that he needs to assure Paul that his affection towards him is real. Hence, the title.

Towards the end of the book, it was so heartfelt that it became so emotional which Klune has successfully present it with much praise. It just put a bright smile on your face when you finished it. This book just sucked you in from the very beginning til the end regardless the genre. Bravo!

So I asked myself, am I an inch closer to understand the gay community? I am never worthy to answer that but I think they are just as normal as any other straight people will face when it comes to the reality of love. So, who am I to judge them?

My question for the author will be whether are there any LGBT books where gays and straight guys are ever best friends? Not with those that eventually became lover but those that edify each with true and warmth friendship where they stand by each other all the time. 

Ratings: 4.8 out of 5

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Posted a question via Goodreads to Mr Klune
"Here's my question: Will you be exploring into LGBT books where gays and straight guys are ever best friends? Not with those that eventually became lover but with those that edify each other with truth, warmth and honesty where they can stand by each others' back all the time. Thank you and do take care."

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