Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I've chose to read this book right after I've read "Attachments" which I thought it was really good. Without further rambling, I would like to say that back in my school days, I never knew how to love someone like how Park does for Eleanor. And after reading this, I felt that there is a lot to take in with a lot of social ills that Ms Rainbow has brought on to her reader's attention.

Eleanor has been a major target for being bullied in school. It's really heartbreaking enough to know Eleanor has just been through a traumatic state of moving to a new town and has to go through such an event of turmoil isn't helping her to develop for the better.

Be it verbal, physical or sexual... this book has it all. We can witness how Eleanor's stepfather plays a dominant role on being the abuser at home which builds up the awareness of why Eleanor has become the way she is.

Although Park is half Korean half Irish boy, and Eleanor is a Red-Hair girl. Racial slurs were pretty bad for Eleanor where names were being slandered upon wherever she is around those people. Such daily abuse are not part of what school life is about and no one should ever go through such a state of impact everyday.

What stands strong in this book is their love for each other. Trust for each other. Whom we all know that love conquers but when circumstances kicks in, sacrifices are needed for the greater good. 

Such a good book. I think love plays a part in this but I think awareness on social ills has been pronounced enough to make people think. I thank Ms Rainbow for writing such a fantastic light-hearted book for everyone.

Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

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