Monday, September 28, 2015

Freaking out moments #23 - J.D. Netto (@jd_netto)

Lately, I got obsessed over Instagram. Yes, the social media of photos that I'm able to get connected not only with friends but authors too! *cough* In Denial *cough*

So here I am, browsing through my daily feed and I saw this post by J.D. Netto!

Well, of course I can't resist from getting myself into a Giveaway contest! So, I regram-med the whole picture by following the instruction as given in the picture. And this happens...

Fingers cross... 

Is this not a freaking out moment or what!!! I know I'm weird in my own way when it comes to authors. I am totally different when it comes to fan-gurling towards someone. Authors of course!!! For crying out loud, come on, they worked really hard too you know... they worked hard for readers like us to enjoy what they are able to produce.

Check him out! He's the author of "The Whispers of the Fallens" series. Follow him!

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