Sunday, September 6, 2015

BookTuber Buddy Read - Shoutout by @WhatKamilReads

Another shoutout from a fellow Booktuber! His name is Kamil from +WhatKamilReads. (YouTube Link: WhatKamilReads) I've been meaning to post this on my blog for the longest time but I haven't got the time to do it. So here goes, I've been surfing for BookTuber that loves reading books that are out of the world unique.

Well, I've bumped into Kamil not too long ago and I really like his content. He reads good literary fiction some of them are Award Winners and some are nominated. He reads diverse books and has a special way of reviewing them which made it so much more different from the YA booktuber bunch. Mind you, I have nothing against them but this is something a little more mature, something I was really looking for some serious discussion on history, region and some day-to-day issues. And guess what, I've made a friend! 

I've made a couple of good friends via the Booktubing community and I hope to post more of these blog when I got the chance of buddy reading with them. I am seriously hooked by their intellect! I must say, I love the idea of buddy reading. It makes it even more fun and interesting from people across the world! This is what the Internet is for!

Here's the video of Kamil shouting out my view on Tan Twan Eng's book titled The Garden of Evening Mists. Enjoy!

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