Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Epic Reads Book Tag

I have never done a tag before. This would be a my very first. Let's see how this goes.

Q1. If you could invite one author and one of their fictional characters to tea, who would you invite and what would you serve them? 

I would wanna invite...
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Fictional Character: Marco Alisdair (from "The Night Circus")

I have invited both Brandon and Marco for a reason by hoping Marco could bring us all into this magical place where he creates this crazy out-of-the-world fantasy work of art. Subsequently, he is to inspire Brandon to write something where both of them are able discuss on how mind-blowing fantasy world would be for Brandon's readers to enjoy for his upcoming future books. I will be serving them crazy Asian-cum-Western fusion tidbits with special beverage that burst into crazy flavours for all of our pleasure. 

Q2. What book do you wish the author would write a prequel for?

The Bible. I wish God could write a prequel on The Bible on everything that has happened before Genesis. (Whoa!!! I will be so flabbergasted.)

Q3. Which two characters (NOT from the same book) do you think would make a good couple?

Chiyo-San (from Memoirs of a Geisha) & Wayne (from The Alloy Of Law)

They both would definitely be a smashing couple! Chiyo is exotically beautiful and talented while Wayne would entertain her with his metal bendalloy magic & wittiness by slowing down time around them and speeding it up just for themselves in a bubble. Hence, Wayne will bring so much joy and laughter into Chiyo's life. Awwww...

Q4. If you ran into your favourite author on the subway and only could say one sentence to them who is it and what would it be?

The probability of meeting authors within my location would be Ernest Ng (our local comic book artist). I would ask "Could you draw a mock up version of me in a comic dimension?"

I am always curious to know how a comic artist sees me in the comic world. It would be so fun and interesting!

Q5. What book make you a reader and why?

I never have the habit of reading until the Hardy Boys series that was given to me during school breaks, which got me back on track with reading. I was at the age of 12 then. Thanks to my aunt who sends those wonderful books to me!

Q6. Incendio! Your bookshelf just caught on fire. Show us the one book you save.

The Bible. (nuff said) 

Q7. Which dystopian world would you want to live in if you had to choose one? Why?

All dystopian worlds are crap! Honestly! If I would really have to choose one, I would choose the world from "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, and I would then appreciate both lives with and without colours all at the same time.

Q8. What is your most epic read of all time?

The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. Mind blowing-Ly EPIC!!!

Do a book shimmy??? Here goes!!!

Who do I tag? These are some of my favourite booktubers which I love to see them doing. I hope they don't hate me for doing this. LOL!!!

1) Erika (Snogging on Sunday Books) - She did it!!! She's so awesome with all her deep thoughts book discussion! Her book range are really diversely! She's funny too!

2) Wiebke (1book1review) - She did it too!!! You guys should check her out, her books choices are diversely interesting. I always love her subtle humour! She's amazing!

3) Mike (Bitten by a radioactive book)
4) Franzi (BookParty!)

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