Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Freaking out moments #19 - Shadows of Self Book Cover by Chris McGrath

Alright guys, this is the moment. just posted the new Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn book cover! It was done up by an artist named Chris McGrath. He's so talented. All his stuff are so beautiful. I wanted to know who are the models in it. They looked darn smart!!!

Seriously, I can't...  I just can't control myself. Just look at this beauty! Just look!

I have a weak heart... I can't take in such teaser. And it's only February now. The book will only be out by Oct 2015 for crying out loud! This is too much to handle... Too much!!!

There are so much feelings that I can't fathom myself to control it. It's like you want it but you can't have it. I'm having a mild disorder right now. why? Why? WHY???

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