Monday, February 2, 2015

Bolehland: The Epic Journey of Two Guys In Malaysia by Dan Khoo & Tan Wai Kit

Alright, here goes with my honest review about this book. It's fantastic! It's raw, it's honest, not to forget funny! Impressively crafted with originality! One might add, reading up about these guys are excruciatingly humbling! They don't tell you life is a bed of roses, they tell you what crap they've gone through to be where they are today. I like them already!

This is somehow a semi-autobiographical graphic novel of 2 guys crawling through their college years with great/humiliating moments. A dream that turns out to be a reality and how painfully they have to sacrifice in order to achieve it. As the title has proven, THE journey of 2 guys. No doubt, it is a painful journey but it's a colourful one.

There are reasons why this book is to my liking. First, they care to introduce themselves (thoroughly). Second, their comic strips are topical. I guess anyone who reads it is able to relate to them in many ways.

There are the few strips that I can really relate to:
"Food Stock Market" - I can so relate this! Especially now!
"That Bus Ride" - I had a few encounter myself... So true!
"Types of Toilet Behaviour" - I can't stop laughing!!!
"Alcohol Myth" - I don't understand either, beer sucks!
"Status Update" - Haha!!! Been there done that... no idea why?
"Telemarketer" - Was in that shoe before! LOL!!!

All the more, this is their journey in the college days and I am anticipating for BOOK TWO. Don't let their wittiness stop you from thinking that they are not serious, with this book, it's enough to prove that they are passionate with what they like to do. Bravo to a great start!

Dan Khoo - Our famous local Youtuber! Loving his controversial video topics! Maybe the next Yasmin Ahmad?
(YouTube Link)

Tan Wai Kit - A Financial Analyst by day, an artist by night? Heard that he's a golf fanatic. Who knows, he might be our very own Tiger Woods in the making.

They both produced a weekly comic strip website called Bolehland too. Check it out!

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

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