Wednesday, February 18, 2015

'Readers Column' in our local newspaper.

I'm not too sure about your local news press on readers column but I always have an inclination that our local reader's column are usually underwhelmed by our very own local audiences. 

For once, I think the recommendations are really up-to-date with all sorts of diverse genres. Moreover, their recommendations does not confine to just a few genres. More often than not, award winning literary fiction books have been greatly introduced to us without hesitation. Our local reviewers did their researched fairly up-to-par with world standards book critics benchmarking status. (Now that's something to shout about.)

Well, at least, we should appreciate these people behind the scene all the more! I might have neglected the local press for quite sometime now due to the fact that all news covers are solely one-sided. Nevertheless, the lifestyle section still puts in a strong viable effort in their creativity juice. Especially on books! 

I personally think reading is a lifestyle! Many young ones are venturing into scenic photography, coffee caf├ęs hoppers/reviewers, dinings experiences, travelling exposure... etc. Why not get into the lifestyle of reading books in general? Why aren't we reading enough? Why aren't we having enough public libraries to borrow from? 

Our neighbouring country has at least 27 public libraries in their residential community areas. (e.g. Shopping Complexes too!) I have not talk about the private ones. I think we should learn to cultivate this as a viral habit!

And a gist of what is being lay out in our local newspaper. It's really interesting! They've introduced my favourite author - Brandon Sanderson!

Courtesy of "The Star" - Star2 section by Sandra Low

I say, let's hype this up and make this column an active one, the reading community from where I'm at is way too small. No wonder Authors are not coming here to visit and to sign our books! There are no demands for them coming over at all.

Speaking of reading diversely, the readership here has a lot of local taste with our local culture. I do wish that most of our local authors would also hype this up by collaborating with these reviewers  by promoting their books furthermore. 

Let's spread the reading love Malaysians!

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