Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bro Don't Like That La Bro 01: Here Comes the Bros by Ernest Ng

Alright, I have to give my credit to the book author (Ernest Ng). He's got it!!! He's really really funny!!! I was seriously laughing out LOUD with tears running down my face, even so, I have to stop reading it by giving myself a pause. The thought of thinking back on the comic strips scenarios, in addition with the very well drawn character's expressions, literally caught me off guard by laughing out heartily.

To be fair to most readers, I might be wrong, I would think that Malaysians or maybe Singaporeans are able to relate to this book fairly well... because many of the abbreviations/slang used are not common to many other apart from these 2 countries. Then again, the author did explain and translate it with English on why these events take place. And for that, I have to applaud him for doing so by understanding his readers well. Also, compliments to him for he has a strong command in English. Do not underestimate what this book has to give, especially to those who really reads what the author was trying to convey aside from just the comic strips.

The things they do. He called them the 5 Bros. I called them the 5 monkeys (I have my reasons...LOL!!!). Subconsciously, one might think that living with people like them makes the world a better and brighter place but in actual fact it can be a real pain (which has been a reminder by the author himself). However, without them, there will be no laughter, there will be no publication of this book! And that can't be good either especially for readers like us! Hence, annoyance aside, one is able to witnessed that they have brought so much joy among themselves as best of friends.

Are they real? I can very well assure you that they are not fictional! They do have an eventful lives and a bright future ahead of them aside from the mere fame from this aspects of their indecent exposure.

Recommendations? I would definitely recommend it to anyone who really needs a good laugh! Certainly would! Buy it! Read it! Enjoy it! I will surely give my support to our very own local artist cum author for more of his Bros Shenanigans. Bravo to a successful start.

Note: I'm having a dying obsession with the cliffhanger at the end of it... FUDGE!!! Second book is out guys, check it out too!

Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

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