Thursday, August 7, 2014

Freaking out moments #12 - Ernest Ng

I was shocked by this author's simple action. He literally just garnered hundreds of viewership into my book review blog! Holy cow... I wasn't expecting that at all (Come on, get real, book blogging isn't a thing here). Still, I want to thank you, Ernest Ng! (I should be using Bro in this context... nah)

For those people outside the Asian region, Ng is pronounced as "ung". It's like the word "sung" but without the "s". I know most would literally spelled out N-G instead of pronouncing it.

I was equally humbled when he thinks that my review was his first review. *shakes head* It can't be!! I am just an amateur reviewer. Seriously, I think he needs a good solid review on his books/works. Come on guys!!! He needs all the support he can get. Give this guy some encouragement... He's done loads of free stuff via his blog for us already!

Whilst I was having lunch and I saw this in my mailbox, I nearly flipped out from my chair. He is such an amazing person, should have taken his autograph and photo during the recent bookfest. Haiya! Wasted! Anyway, all the best Bro!

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