Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Giver Quartet Series 01 - The Giver by Lois Lowry

Now this is good writing for a Dystopian genre! A masterpiece of its kind. Truly this book's potential surpasses the today's way of plotting their storyline. I am actually intrigued by this book!

Basic fundamentals of our daily human liberty is being used as a plot to described what post-apocalyptic has confined or taken away from us in their system. Rules are set which made the world a so-called perfect one. Age is defined with a ceremonial gathering with a token of basic gifts across the community. Hence, by the age of 12, you are destined by the Elder's decision of the career role you're assigned for your entire life.

You can't interrupt, you can't steal, you can't be late. STOP!!! (If you break these rules, a public apology has to be done.)

What is more interesting, you have to apply for a spouse (chosen by the Elders), you have to apply for a child (chosen by the Elders), you have to apply to be released (decides by the Elders). Where do we draw the line to this?

Jonas here, is our lead guy. He has been assigned to have an honorary role within his community. However, truth of the past unveils and mysteries of this community is starting to surface. Now, that's not new but what can Jonas do?

Fantastically written with effortless world building which has captures my attention on how their system works. Their culture and customs are subtly pronounced and I was being crept into their system subconsciously.

I like how the book ends it with a sense of familiarity which doesn't seem like it's made up. It's raw, it's practical and it's how we take risks for our lives just for a better tomorrow. Bravo!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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