Monday, May 11, 2015

Harry Potter Series 02 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

What a great follow up! As I just finished the second book, nothing falls short in many areas ever since it ended so well from the first. One of the great things in reading a Middle Grade or Young Adult books is that there are snippets of gentle reminders on things that might have forgotten. The Dursleys bunch are still as annoying as anyone could expect, and because of that I never once knew Hogwarts would set a rule for not using magic in the 'muggle' world. Dang it!

The rescue mission from the Weasley brothers was really a fun ride. Although new characters came in already in the first few chapters, moreover, they are not difficult to remember who they are. Recurring characters were once more introduced with great anticipation of their involvements in the search of Voldermort's ultimate motive around the wizardry world.

Alright, the thing about Gilderoy Lockhart's character. Where should I began? His self-confidence level was too obnoxious to the point I feel like skipping most of his scene out while I'm reading it. He needs a big tight slap! It is without a doubt that I have my qualms about him from the very beginning until the end of the book. Annoyance aside on his mere fame in the wizardry world, he knows nuts about education at all. I really don't know whether he was employed based on his credentials or his fame. What were you thinking, Dumbledore?

A new character named Dobby, a house elf, which I reserved my judgements towards him from the very beginning. Many a times, I did have a slight curiosity on his motives towards Harry and I knew he was being bound by some commands from his master by doing things he's forced to obey. Love the ending of this book for Dobby.

Lucius Malfoy's (father of Draco) role in the second book is more prominent. Many political agendas were very pronounced with real harm done towards Hogwarts through him. Although he is not the main antagonist in this book but you know that he is behind it all in most of the scene for selfish gains in the dark world. Might I say more, I think he has a share in Voldermort's return. Let's wait and see.

Trying very hard not to give away spoilers (although most would already know by now), I love the fact that the book has brought us back 50 years to understand the life of many characters in Hogwarts. This part of the story sparks my interest even more because many of the mysteries of today were actually the cause of yesteryear.

Happy ending as always, I can't wait to get myself into "The Prisoner of Azkaban".

Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

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